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Joint wave of foreign engineering crane industry

The crane in the manufacturing industry and automobile industry combined with the wind is very similar, in the automotive industry, general motors, Ford, Renault, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen and other large companies are on the way to unite, the two sectors of the world market has become increasingly integrated. In order to gain market share and maintain growth in the mature world market, the short cut is to buy competitors, and its long-term goal is to dominate the world market. In the crane industry, entering the world market means entering North America, Japan / Asia and Europe, the three largest market.
The world's top companies have a strong influence on the world market, but so far no one has a dominant position in the three markets. There are 4 companies have established a base in two major markets: grove and Terex in North America and Europe; TADANO in Asia and Europe; Sumitomo machines built in Asia and North america.
Grof, Terex and TADANO company through the acquisition of competitors to enter the European market. Grof was first annexed in 1984 British Nichols, then in 1995 the purchase of German krupp. Terex Corp in 1995 after the merger of the French PPM and Italy Bendini company, in recent years, the acquisition of a number of other European and American companies. In 1990 Germany annexed the Faenza TADANO ltd.. Sumitomo Corp in 1986 acquired the United States forest Belt company.
Liebherr and de Martek are exporting cranes to the Americas and Asia, and the company is also selling its products to Europe and the United states. But the crane production localization than rely on local agents can create more opportunities for the two companies, and Kato TADANO truck crane chassis similar products, but also the same, TADANO overseas investment more than Kato, so in a more favorable position to increase exports, to improve the domestic market atrophy dilemma.
Most manufacturers compete for the market, but also strive to expand the product line. Grove company car crane and RT products have a competitive advantage, the purchase of the Krupp Corp, has considerable strength in AT products, the company also to the production of crawler crane. Walker has dominated the crawler crane industry, but also hopes to achieve the same influence in other crane products.
In the past, some of the cooperation of crane manufacturers, mostly focused on marketing agreements or licensing agreements. License trade to carry out comprehensive mergers and acquisitions earlier, the risk is small, there are precedents in the industry. But according to manufacturing license agreements, often in the property dispute ended after the expiration. Terex historical links with Japan IHI company, made IHI technology in 50s Colin truss boom crawler crane crane factory, IHI has also provided Teleikesi products of AmericanCrane company logo painting. Someone will Teleikesi -IHI cooperation licensing work as example. But such agreements can not be sustained, the result is to strengthen the control of the IHI company Teleikesi requirements, or seek independent production of crawler crane. IHI has not yet established the North American market share, only sub contractor role. British grove started selling Kobelco crawler crane and crane city from 1999.
TADANO and Hitachi construction machinery company signed in 1978 to provide products, expand our mutual cooperation agreement product series, with little success. In the domestic market shrinking, Hitachi construction machinery announced on February 1999, will again consider expanding the mobile crane production and sales areas with TADANO cooperation. While TADANO companies wish to have a U.S. manufacturing base, but the time is not ripe.
Having a variety of products can diversify income. Terex Corp is engaged in mining equipment and operation of lifting equipment, lifting equipment including AT and RT products, truck crane, crawler crane, tower crane, forklift, telescopic handling machine, high-altitude operation car and truck crane. Based on the experience of producing excavators, Belt is one of the first manufacturers to apply hydraulic technology to the truss crane. However, Sumitomo Corp has been in Japan and the United States crane and excavator enterprises (including Belt) is based on the crane and excavator belongs to different industries. Liebherr is not only the production of excavators, but also the production of mobile cranes and tower cranes, but also the production of container handling cranes in Ireland, the enterprise is a separate entity.


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