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Crane regularly check 10 Rules

Article 1 These rules are formulated in accordance with the regulations on the safety supervision of special equipment and the regulations on the safety supervision of cranes, in order to regulate the regular inspection work of the crane.
Article second of the rules from the regular inspection of heavy machinery, is often used in hoisting machinery maintenance unit (hereinafter referred to as the foundation of the self inspection and maintenance), by the State Administration of Quality Supervision Inspection and Quarantine (hereinafter referred to as the State Quality Inspection Administration) special equipment inspection agency approved (hereinafter referred to as the inspection agency) according to the rules, to incorporate the use of registration in the inspection of crane.
Article third these rules apply to the special equipment safety supervision regulations within the scope of lifting machinery. Into the "special equipment directory" lifting machinery, the full implementation of the periodic inspection. "No" included in the catalogue of special equipment supervision and inspection and the implementation of the factory installation, lifting machinery and direct delivery units, for use in pre registration by the local inspection agencies for inspection according to the rules of inspection items and contents, requirements and methods (i.e. equipment put into use before the inspection, referred to as the first examination). Qualified rear can be used for registration.
The main technical requirements of the fourth rules are based on the relevant special fire-resistant cable equipment safety technical specifications and the corresponding standards.
Fifth in the use of lifting machinery periodic inspection cycle is as follows:
(a) tower crane, lift, chain, mobile crane 1 times a year;
(two) small light lifting equipment, bridge crane, gantry crane, gantry crane, cable crane, crane mast, railway crane, jib crane, mechanical parking equipment every 2 years 1 times, the crane annual molten metal and hot metal 1. The rated load test, static load test and dynamic load test in the performance test shall be carried out when the first inspection and the first periodic inspection shall be carried out, and the rated load test items shall be carried out 1 times for each of the following test cycles for each time. The inspection process, the existence of major risks of hoisting machinery (such as special work environment, frequent accidents, etc.), inspection agencies approved by the provincial quality technical supervision department agree, can be appropriate to shorten the regular inspection period, but the short period of not less than 6 months.
Sixth lifting regular inspection, initial inspection items and requirements, in accordance with the "lifting regular inspection items and their contents, requirements and methods", "forklift periodic testing of its content, requirements and methods of".
Article seventh the employing unit and the inspection institution shall carry out these rules. The use of units of maintenance and self inspection work shall be responsible for the quality inspection agency, responsible for the correctness and quality inspection and inspection work for the authenticity of the conclusion.
Eighth tests of flame retardant cable institutions should be based on the rules, including the formulation of inspection procedures, inspection items (including the content, the same below), test plan, test methods and requirements of inspection records, (SOP test), used to guide the specific inspection work. The inspection plan shall be approved by the technical director of the inspection organization. The inspection procedure shall include at least the preparation before inspection, the inspection of parts and components, the test of the whole machine, the defects and their handling, the summary of the test results, the conclusion and the inspection report, etc.. If the inspection items set forth in these rules fail to meet the safety requirements of hoisting machinery, or other special circumstances, the inspection institution may, according to the specific circumstances, increase the inspection items. For the special requirements of the lifting regular inspection method, inspection agencies shall solicit opinions of the use of units and the original design unit, when there is a disagreement, the inspection agency opinions prevail. The additional inspection items shall be submitted to the provincial quality and technical supervision department for approval.
Ninth units shall be equipped with full-time or part-time personnel safety management, safety management is responsible for lifting machinery, lifting machinery in the regular inspection period before the expiry of 1 months of regular inspection application to the inspection agency.
Before the tenth test, the use of units should be in accordance with the use of maintenance requirements, self inspection of the lifting equipment. For the unqualified project for the maintenance and repair of self. Self inspection, maintenance and repair shall make a record or a professional maintenance and repair unit proof. Self inspection records and maintenance and repair that shall be subject to safety management personnel use units signed.


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