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Enterprise concept

Ding is the representative of Chinese bronze culture. Ding in ancient times regarded as founding jack, is a symbol of national power and. Until now, the Chinese people still have a kind of awareness of the tripod worship, Ding word has been given a "distinguished" and "honorable" "grand" "integrity" and other extended meaning.
After years of efforts, the full rigging, standing in Baoding this piece of fertile land, full of people committed to the rapid development in the rigging career, and actively introduce the world advanced production equipment and management experience. We believe that by virtue of reliable quality, high quality pre-sale and after-sales service, will be as strong as a mountain in Baoding, in Baoding.
Full values
Loyalty is a man of integrity is the foundation of this root.
Full concept
Loyalty, integrity and win-win.
Full spirit
Thanksgiving dedication, learning and innovation, mainstay, Our wills unite like a fortress.
Full purpose
Create a harmonious atmosphere, provide customer satisfaction services, build a platform for staff growth.
The full rigging is in a unique way to create a sling industry civilization, we look forward to tomorrow.
We recommend not only the high quality products, more importantly, to create our customers no worries about the project model.


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